Preferred Original Marketed Products, L.L.C (P.O.M.P)

Website Under Construction ( This Product Was Sold To Another Major Distributer)

  157-B Bridgeton Pike
  Suite 275
  Mullica HIll NJ 08062

  • Phone: 856-472-0545
    Fax: 856-467-6774

    Mission: Preferred Original Marketed Products (P.O.M.P) has a mission to bring to market unique products that will impact new and current consumer market segments.  We will research, develop, and introduce these products to market, by means of a highly trained sales force utilizing state of the art marketing.   We present consumer products to wholesale, distributor, and partner manufacturers.

    Profile: P.O.M.P. was founded in 2007. The first product marketed by the company was Vita500 energy drink. The company is the exclusive marketer for this brand and other specialty products. 

    Management Team:  T. Pompey- Chief Executive Officer, S. Pompey-President and General Counsel, Paul Newman-Director Sales Operations,  G. Hennixx- Vice President of Venue Sales, K. Hankins- Events Director,  T. Pompey II- Target Marketing Mgr., A. Pompey- Portfolio Marketing Mgr. 

    Independent Executive Sales Force E. Hammock, S. Price, J. Garrett, J. Harris, B. Blake, C. Horton,

    Products/Services: Exclusive Marketers of Vita500. The new caffeine free energy drink designed to give the energy necessary to extend the energy cycle without the habitual effects of caffeine. Vita500 is an energy drink that offers high concentrations of Vitamins: C, B2, B3 and B5. These ingredients are coupled with the other important energy drink ingredient, including Taurine.  Vita500 will give consumers a choice to enjoy an energy drink without taking on the risks of caffeine.  The can was designed to be visually compelling with a unique shape and size. The label wording “500” suggests power, but the can is small enough to grip in your hand. The product also contains electrolytes and carbohydrates.The key advantage to Vita500 is that it contains no caffeine. Energy drinks with caffeine have been shown to have stimulating properties that can boost heart rate and blood pressure (sometimes to the point of palpitations), dehydrate the body, and, like other stimulants, prevent sleep. The other advantage is taste.  Most energy drink consumers learn to “tolerate the taste of our competitors, however, the great taste of Vita500 is pleasing on the first experience.

    News: September 7, 2007: Preferred Original Marketed Products and Sinew Distributors Incorporated agree to exclusive marketing partnership in Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Regions.

    Effective November 19th Vita500 is available in the South Jersey Region at all Heritage Dairy Stores.  See Photographs of Eve and Dave Hollister enjoying Vita500 in the December Issue of Philly Style or visit the magazine at

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